• Our Story

    Our story starts with three brothers. In 2008 Jerrit, Jitze and Remko Vellenga, having a beer together in Brussels, come up with the idea that the town of Weesp should have its own brand of beer again. Finding many challenges on their way, it was never certain that this dream would ever be transferred from a paper beermat to a stainless steel reality.

Our passion for craft beer was rekindled forever when we brewed our very own first batch. In 2009 we introduced our first beer: Wispe Blond. We stuck the labels onto the bottles by hand and we drove many a mile to deliver the boxes of beer to our first customers. With the next few batches we brewed, the flavour kept changing. Those days are far behind us now.

What started out as a hobby, soon became a professional beer brand that is now sold all over The Netherlands. In 2013, the hundred thousandth bottle of Wispe beer was sold. But the growth also presented us with some difficulties. By now, we spent every free hour we had on Wispe. Operating under pressure, we were forced to clearly divide tasks and responsibilities.

What ultimately drives us, is to brew beautiful beers together and to conquer the Netherlands. We introduced some new beers and in 2015 we sold one hundred thousand bottles within a year. Since we needed more and more capacity, we were often forced to rent the services of yet another brewery. It was a challenge to keep producing the same original flavours using different kettles. The desire to take things into our own hands kept growing.

Now that our dream gets bigger and bigger, the story continues. After years of brewing at some of the best breweries in The Netherlands, we decided that it is time to create our own space. In 2015, we found the perfect location to open up our own brewery and bar: The Saint Laurentius Church in Weesp. The official opening is planned in the fall of 2018.


Around the year 1150, the name Wispe, the old term for Weesp, was first used. In the 17th century, the Dutch Golden Age, Weesp was one of the most important beer towns in the Netherlands. Due to the clean water from the river Vecht, for a long time the city was famous for its excellent quality beer. Weesp supplied beer to the city of Amsterdam and to the large ships of the Dutch East India Company that travelled the world seas. The beer from Weesp was therefore known far beyond Dutch borders.

With Wispe beer, we have managed to revive an old tradition in Weesp.

Core Values


As craft brewers, we feel proud to identify with our beers. We pay the greatest attention to the entire brewing process, from selecting the best ingredients to producing a high quality glass of beer on the table.


Beer is a natural product, which is why we choose to use organic ingredients only. Our goal is sustainable manufacturing, leaving as small an environmental footprint as possible.


We would like to use part of our profit for our direct surroundings: to support community projects in Weesp and to create personal development opportunities for our staff. With Wispe, we would like to create a win-win situation.

The People

With the passing of time, the family grows. Working together with our fantastic team, we will be brewing and serving our beers in the future brewery and taproom in Weesp. Our staff form the driving force behind our brewery.

We only want to attract the best supporters for Wispe. Passionate people who are dedicated to our beers. We all have our own special qualities that should bring out the best in Wispe for you as a beer lover.

  • Jobs

    There are currently no vacancies in our brewery.

  • Remko Vellenga | Marketing & Sales

    "Ik hou van het creatieve proces, een goed en eerlijk verhaal van waaruit ik Wispe als onderscheidend biermerk wil uitbouwen"

  • Jitze Vellenga | Finance

    "Met mijn ondernemersdrive vind ik het geweldig Wispe verder uit te bouwen en nieuwe mijlpalen te bereiken"

  • Jerrit Vellenga | Brewery

    "Mijn passie ligt bij het brouwen van mooie bieren in een goede samenwerking met de mensen om mij heen."


From the beginning, we've aspired to craft our beers in a socially and environmentally responsible way. As we continue to grow and expand, we will do so with care and respect for the environment, surrounding and our employees.