• Brewing Good

    From the beginning, we have aspired to craft our beers in a socially and environmentally responsible way. As we continue to grow and expand, we will do so with care and respect for the environment, employees, customers, and surrounding. We know that we are not perfect, but through initiatives we strive to do the best we can.


Many adjustments have been made to make the church in which we brew our beers as sustainable as possible. Residual heat released during our brewing process is reused to heat our taproom. The protein-rich residual of our brewing proces (spent grain) is collected by a local farmer who uses it as animal feed. In turn, we use the dung to grow hops in Weesp for our beers. The cleaning of our brew kettles is done with biodegradable products.


Until the 19th century, all beer was organic. Sadly, chemical fertilizers and pesticides are now the standard in barley and hop production. There are many reasons why we started brewing organic in 2009. By using organic ingredients, we can better control what goes into our beer. And so, we can produce a beer with the highest possible purity while supporting the growing industry of organic farming. Each consumer that switches to organic contributes to the amount of land that is farmed in a chemical free, sustainable way. And that's great, because their is no planet B!


We invest in our city, not only through business development, but by supporting local organizations and initiatives. Every year we donate an amount of our sales to philanthropic causes. We invest in local non-profits and community organizations with a focus on sustainability, culture or community development.