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Working at Wispe


At Wispe we go for the highest quality. We believe that the beer market no longer needs high volume products which are interchangeable. We are craft brewers who want to identify ourselves with our beers, we are proud of the beers that we make. We want to contribute to a rich variety of Dutch craft beers, which are appreciated by connoisseurs and beer lovers. We are convinced that this can only be achieved by delivering quality, for the beers that we brew and the service we provide.


We are social entrepeneurs who care about the environment. People inside and outside our company should be able to find satisfaction in their involvement in Wispe. We want to create a win-win situation for our employees, the local community and Wispe. We believe in honest and respectful relationships. The results of our work is not only reflected in a financially healthy business, but also in other values, such as social benefits, personal development and the lowest possible environmental impact.


At Wispe we believe in a people-oriented corporate culture where you can enjoy working.


Keywords that fit our colleagues: enthusiastic, collegial, cheerful, hardworking, stress resistant, team player.





Are you interested in working at Wispe and do you reconize yourself in the above story and speak Dutch? In that case send an email to Remko Vellenga via