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    Visit the Wispe Brewery in the garden of Amsterdam. The brewery is located in a region with fortress and historical river estates in the small historic town Weesp. Taste our beers in the Wispe Brewery, located in an old neo-Gothic style church, and become acquainted with our craftsmanship.

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The purity of our beer. Water contains minerals that affect the appearance, taste and aroma of Wispe.


The soul of our beer. Malt gives color and a delicate flavor to Wispe from bitter to sweet.


The character of our beer. Hop creates the unique aroma and bitter taste of Wispe and is a natural preservative for the beer.


The life in our beer. Yeast converts the fermentable sugars into alcohol and gives Wispe characteristic flavor accents.

Brewing Wispe

To make beer, all you really need is water, malt, hops and yeast. What makes Wispe special is the quality of our organic ingredients and our recipes. Every step of the brewing process contributes to the unique flavor of ours beers.

brewing process

Malt is the foundation of the brewing process. The malt is germinated and dried. This process we call malting.
In the brewery, the malt is milled into a substance that we call grist. The grist is mixed with water to create a pulp. This is also called mash. By heating the mash, the starch is converted into natural sugars. The next step is called lautering. The mash is filtered and a clear liquid called wort is extracted. 
The wet solids left over from wort extraction are called spent grains. Our spent grain is send to a local farmer for use as animal feed.
After the lautering process, the wort is boiled in our kettles. During this boiling process, we add hops and herbs.
Yeast is added to the cooled wort. Sugars are converted into alcohol, carbon dioxide and flavours. The fermentation process lasts about a week. After this we can speak of young beer.
We allow the young beer to mature for a number of weeks in lagering tanks. After the conditioning process, we will remove the remaining yeast and hops. This gives it the desired clarity.
This bright beer goes into a bright beer tank ready to be filled in our bottles and kegs.
The brewing process is now complete. So time to enjoy Wispe.


Genever is actually the ancestor of gin, invented by the Dutch. Making also famous Dutch genever from our beer, makes two drinks which go together perfectly. The fantastic genevers and liqueurs from Anker Weesp are produced in our brewery. We proudly serve them alongside our beers in the taproom, pure or as in a drink mix.

Anker Weesp

Our Hops

We want to show you the entire process of brewing: from the grains, hops and herbs, to a good glass of Wispe beer on the table. To show you the ingredients for our beers, we will grow next to our brewery the hops and herbs we use. In this way we can tell you all about our ingredients, the brewing process and the rich beer and gin history of Weesp.


If you’ve ever wanted to know what makes Wispe beer taste so good, you’ll discover the secrets on a tour of the Wispe Brewery. It’s a unique opportunity to see behind the scenes of a Dutch working brewery and gin distillery. Tours last approximately 30 minutes and are followed by a guided tasting of our beers.

For non-drinkers their will be coffee, tea or a glass of soda instead.

Opening hours

You will be able to book a tour, after our brewery is opened by the end of 2018.


Adults 18 and over € ...

Youth 12-17 years € ... (non-alcoholic consumption)

Children 3-11 years € ... (non-alcoholic consumption)

Children under 3 years of age free of charge 

Are you with 7 people or more and are you interested in a private tour? Then contact us.


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