Thank you for your interest in Wispe! Our beers are available in bottle and kegs, straight from the brewery or via one of our wholesalers. Of course you can get acquainted with our beers first, in that case we will send you a free trial of our beers. For further information, delivery and terms and conditions, please contact our sales team via




Bier Import Nederland

Multi Bier

De Kweker


Holland Craft Beer


Sales Supporting Materials

If you sell Wispe, than your custumers should know. Wispe does have sales supporting materials which are free of charge. Ask for our glasses, beer felts, table displays and other possibilities. For retailers we have 4-packs available. When you sell Wispe we are glad to mention you on our website. For further information, please see our online brochure.


Available logo's

Download our logo´s in HR format


Available bottles

Download our beer bottles in HR format


Terms of Delivery

Here you will find our Terms of Delivery. This version is valid from June 9 2016.