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    Our brewery is now open for public! Enjoy our beers and visit the Wispe taproom in Weesp.

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What do our beers have in common? They are all craft made and brewed with the finest ingredients. Our beers differ from each other in their distinctive taste and style. With our selection of beers we definitely brew a beer which you can enjoy.

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Our Story

Three brothers and an old fortified town where the last brewery closed its doors in 1920. In 2009 Jerrit, Jitze and Remko Vellenga started their craft brewing adventure in Weesp (Amsterdam). In July 2019 they are opening their brewery on an amazing location.

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Before you can enjoy Wispe, it has to pass various stages: from grains, hops and herbs, to brewing, lagering and botteling the beer. Quality, taste and sustainability are the starting points of our brewing process. You can visit our brewery soon and discover how we brew our beers.

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Feel like having a Wispe? You can try them all in our taproom. You can also enjoy our good food here. Just like the brewery, the taproom will be located near Amsterdam, in an old church in the fortified town of Weesp.

Wispe taproom